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    • coriander
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      9 months ago

      This article briefly clarifies the misconceptions about anarchism and illustrates an example of anarchism in practice. Excellent material for reclaiming a vilified term!

      I catch myself often in the role of impatient human with bagels to offer (not literally) and yet I adore the nitty gritty of these seemingly minor debates. They feel essential, and the process feels essential, even as it can feel extraordinarily grueling. It's an ongoing practice for me to continually return to these settings, these conversations, and not give up on the process, amidst frustration and a feeling of time scarcity. For me personally, the only way through the challenges has been with the aid of spiritual/religious practice. I often wonder how others find their way through the frustration, tedium, and conflict that can arise in direct democratic processes like these.

      Another conversation on anarchism that I’ve found excellent is the Everyday Anarchism podcast with Graham Culbertson (

      • KapteinB
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        9 months ago

        It certainly clarified some things for me. Thanks for sharing!

      • bill
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        9 months ago