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    • DellwoodBarker2 years ago

      This storm was Wild. The Wizard of Oz snowstorm of 2021 and everything that night was really really surreal and whackadoodle. I was subjected to a neighbor who was having some sort of voodoo like experience and another friend was like “I don’t know how you kept it together with such Peace and Calm that night. I would have flipped out on him for his chaotic behavior.”

      This is the second wild surreal storm I have experienced in the last seven years or so. The other was an equally witchy Oz kinda night at Stag Run gay nudist campground. We had frolicked in the pool all day and that night a storm destroyed camping tents. Thankfully an attractive kind man and his two buds invited me over to their RV and we hunkered down whilst feeling like we were going to spin up into the ether. All four of us ended up in bed that night naked body to body in a chain just holding one another. A beautiful memory of calm intimacy after the storm.