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    ideas.ted.com3/23/218 min
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    • TranquilHaze1 year ago

      When you think about how to praise employees, it helps to realize there are two distinct kinds.

      The first is the praise about a strength that moves the entire team forward, or what I call a “we-strength.” A we-strength is a strength that elevates the team or organization.

      The second kind of praise is about a strength that makes the employee stronger, or what I call a “me-strength.” What work energizes someone? What makes them feel excited to keep plugging away at a problem? A me-strength puts a person in what’s known as a flow state, where they’re fully immersed in the work, losing track of time because the work is so intrinsically satisfying.

      Sometimes we-strengths and me-strengths are one and the same, but I’ve found that often someone’s we-strengths are quite different from their me-strengths. What lights up an individual can be very different from what lights up the team.