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    • Alexa2 years ago

      Big fan of this gal and her McMansion Hell work and when she sent out this link with “I got mad and finally wrote about the metaverse” ... Worth the read.

      The vids they share inline aren’t necessary with her explanations but they are rather cringe and support the rant. That ad for quest is depressing, uf.

      It underlines my curiosity of...who exactly is the metaverse for? I’ve worked with VR game companies and never grew fond of the headsets or screen two inches from my face experience. And that was for playing a fun game! But to replicate dismal meat space experiences I don’t want to do anyways...hi Walmart...what gives?

      It seems like brands grasping to be relevant and pouring more irl dollars into digital kerfluffery. Meaningless brand activations, no ROI possible, it’s just baffling. Is anyone actually excited about the metaverse other than captain delusional zuck himself?