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    Eurovision Song Contest
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    • KapteinB
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      1 month ago

      The song:

      Last Sunday I was driving home from skiing in Sweden, down the Riksvei 73 through Hat Mountain Valley, towards Svenning Valley. Where the R73 meets the E6, there's a one-horse town named Trofors, where we decided to stop for lunch at the town's only restaurant; Trixie. It's one of those roadside grills that don't look like much, but where the food is recently priced and surprisingly good. One of the walls is adorned with a framed signed poster; "Thank you Rahim for tasty food, Marcus & Martinus." One of my travel companions pointed to a house across the street which she claimed was their childhood home.

      These kids are local heroes, and I'll be rooting for them in May! Them and Gåte, of course. Oh and Switzerland, because that song is awesome.

      • thorgalle
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        1 month ago

        This is a nice story!