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    • marius2 years ago

      Demand for quality writing far exceeds the supply of it. Since people who don’t write in public are blind to the benefits, there’s relatively little competition for those who take the craft seriously. Good writing is rare. There may be more writing than ever, but most of it is shallow. People are bombarded with worthless ideas and the distractions of the news. They’re tired of clickbait articles, exaggerated political dramas, and attention-burning articles. People are starving for creators who speak with depth and nuance. That’s why everybody reads Wait But Why and Joe Rogan stole the culture.

      So true. For quite some time I blogged daily. It learned soo much! I somehow stepped down and write an article only when I really feel like it.

      This article gave me the kick in the ass to prioritize writing again! From now on I strive for one high quality article each week. With a few occasional ones throughout the week!