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    @coffeeandjunkAbhishek Chakraborty10/7/216 min
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    3 reads
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    • coffeeandjunk1 year agoWriter

      Human beings have a strong need for fairness. Big or small, when we see something unfair done (especially against us), we are enraged. Even a three-year-old has the common sense to scream when they get a smaller portion than their sibling. Not just humans, even monkeys have a sense of fairness.

    • DellwoodBarker1 year ago

      I’m not sure I agree with this rather interesting read. In my opinion if even one innocent is punished in order to create what is considered to be an effective system then the whole system to needs to be re-created ~ if we are speaking legal/justice system.

      Unfortunately, life is not fair. I encounter this every time I see a friend/lover who I Genuinely Enjoy Sharing Time and Fun with (sadly briefly each time) and hearing she is spending a lot more time with another friend who is Incredible, as well. As the one to have mentioned the new friend way back when the lover and I were involved it is Excruciatingly Painful and Hurtful to know they spend so much time without me and even when I saw them in a theater they chose to not sit with me. When I see them it is all water under the bridge and I treat the present moment as if the past is the past (which it is). The Real Truth is it hurts soooo much. Wishing I could join for river excursions or hikes or projects. Hurts deeply though I allow all of it to flow over me like water. I know this friend/lover has a lot of folks seeking her attention and I feel like a child begging a parent to spend a little more time with me -lol- and the replies end up being empty promises. No life is not fair and I don’t hold people to the unfairness in anger or rage. I experience unfairness in my body as shaking pain and hurt and find ways to release it.

      This friend is such a Goddess and makes life all the brighter with every hug and encounter. I will never allow these unfairnesses to keep me from loving either person; especially her… and I do know without a doubt that life will sweep in and manifest even better, stronger and more transformational bonds as far as friends and lovers go to fill this void. The sad thing is that this void shouldn’t even exist and there will never truly be another like her; as we are all unique and I have never experienced a being like her before. Never.

      End of stupid selfish rant on unfairness.

      It does make us stronger and serve purposes sometimes we don’t fully understand until further down the line.