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    • thorgalle
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      3 months ago

      I've lived in Finland for 3 years now, 2 in Sweden.

      For example, in Helsinki, the capital, you will rarely see fancy or expensive cars on the streets. Even the CEOs and financial sharks here tend to drive boring Volvos and Volkswagens rather than anything that would make them stick out.

      I wouldn't call it "rarely" (the parking of my startup/investor campus is half-filled with Teslas), but when comparing downtown Helsinki with downtown Stockholm, the difference is stark indeed.

      'The pessimist will never be disappointed'

      This is noticeable, and it also translates into a dark form of humor!

      • Joannerice
        3 months ago

        Thanks for that share! I feel as if happiness for me involves sunshine so I moved from the gray northeast to the sunny south. I would never want to live with all those gray days again. My overall happiness gauge is affected for sure and I wonder if the Scandinavian people have risen above that need for light? I once went on a ski fam with a gal from Sweden who described going /returning to work in complete darkness and sharing the high suicide rate they experience.
        Back in the Oprah days I was fascinated to learn the Danish folks were the happiest.
        I equate some parts of happiness with the socialized medicine, housing and education. A basic need for all humans before we can get on with happiness - or is the word contentment ?

    • TripleG
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      3 months ago

      In the U.S. we would say that everyone is the quarterback of their own happiness.