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    Ariana Pekary
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    • jamie3 years ago

      Kinda whiny… Some rehashed talking points, MSNBC and Fox News rely on each other as foils… One could not exist without the other. I find myself switching over to BBC…

    • bill
      Top reader of all time
      3 years ago

      Holy crap. Everybody needs to stop watching this stuff.

      Context and factual data are often considered too cumbersome for the audience. There may be some truth to that (our education system really should improve the critical thinking skills of Americans) – but another hard truth is that it is the job of journalists to teach and inform, which means they might need to figure out a better way to do that. They could contemplate more creative methods for captivating an audience. Just about anything would improve the current process, which can be pretty rudimentary (think basing today’s content on whatever rated well yesterday, or look to see what’s trending online today).

      Wow. Also this is disturbing:

      A very capable senior producer once said: “Our viewers don’t consider us the news. They come to us for comfort.”

      I don’t know about that. Some people surely watch the “news” and genuinely believe that they are getting good information versus addicting entertainment. Really scary situation we’re in. I’m pretty sure it’s only old people who are impacted, but still, old people vote in droves. What a nightmare. 🙉

    • Florian3 years ago

      Through this pandemic and the surreal, alienating lockdown, I’ve witnessed many people question their lives and what they’re doing with their time on this planet.


    • jbuchana3 years ago

      I haven't watched TV news regularly for about 20 years. Not doing so has helped my moods and anxiety a lot.

      I do sometimes wonder about the bias in the online and print news I read. I tend to the more liberal/progressive sources, but I sometimes wonder if there isn't bias in the articles that makes the average conservative look worse than most of them are. I have no doubt the really nasty conservatives are really nasty, I meet enough of them in daily life, and they are outspoken. But are they a really representative sampling? I've wondered that before, and I'm not sure that most news sources can be trusted to be balanced.

    • SEnkey3 years ago

      And the same is true for Fox, CNN, and any other broadcast news channel. I stopped watching the news years ago when I realized it wasn't news- most of what was covered was meant to drive my blood pressure up but didn't matter in a week or a month.

      I would pay to have access to a calm, no yelling, lots of facts, some debate - boring in comparison, news channel.