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    Alex Murrell
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    • KapteinB
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      1 year ago
    • Jessica1 year ago

      An interesting analysis of how so much has become the "same" overtime. Plazas, suburbs, business parks... they all look the same to me no matter where I go. The section on the Instagram Face made me feel so sad. I've wanted to dye my hair certain colors or wished my face were a different shape, as if conforming to that popular look that's everywhere on IG would give me some [false] sense of belonging.

      • bill
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        1 year ago

        Right on. Like everyone, I often catch myself in this situation, attracted to what everyone’s attracted to. But also I delight in bold, extreme choices. I live in a small, very old adobe village that’s brimming with magical vibes and quite unlike any other place on Earth. I drive a yellow pickup truck.

        Then again, right now I’m wearing a blue flannel and jeans. ~shrug~

        This article was interesting. I guess none of us want to conform too much, but we all kinda do.