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    • Alexa2 years ago

      This is killer. What a ride.

      Horrified by this, but on point:

      The internet has conscripted us into the construction and manipulation of our own images, so that the idea of wearing some kind of mask — whether through plastic surgery, Instagram filter, online avatar or cloak of irony — no longer reads as unnatural, but rather as broadly relatable.

      Botox fascinates me, repulses me, and yet I'm still drawn to it. Something about the mid 30s makes you have crazy thoughts...I want to rail against it, but I also want to "stay relevant" or whatever other bs goes through my head staring into the mirror and wondering why i spent so much time tanning.

      And Errol-friggin-Morris. Legend.

      Great look at this weird "fad", although I'm not sure I'd say they "cure" wrinkles. They paralyze your face and soften them, but cure is a bit far.