1. The New York Times CompanyGeorge Yancy and, Noam Chomsky7/5/1716 min
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    • tylerbc6 years ago

      Chomsky just doing his thing, breaking down the current political theater while casually commenting on the very real threat of nuclear war.

      I like the bit at the end where he talks about Russian interference in the election. Not only is it hypocritical to be outraged by a foreign government influencing the outcome of our election, it has far less impact than the on-the-books legal meddling of corporate interests in American politics, yet corporate power and lobbying are just seen as politics-as-usual. I don't think Russian interference is a non-issue, but it's not the greatest threat to our democracy.

      This quote is great: "It’s easy to condemn those we place on the other side of some divide, but more important, commonly, to explore what we take to be nearby."