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    • Alexa4 years ago

      Agreed that the system is broken. This isn't the first tale I've heard from younger folks getting it, I've personally known a few people in their 30s who've fallen ill. We're not immune!

      When it first came out that the virus was most harmful to older adults it felt like younger folks felt a bit invincible.

      I'm not mad about a reality check to remind people to stay vigilant, I've noticed a lot of friends getting lax about wearing masks and congregating. I like breathing and hiking far too much to want to risk trashing my lungs, or worse.

    • jeff4 years ago

      The title of this article is misleading. I'm sorry for the author's ordeal and glad she's recovering, but it's pretty dishonest to imply that what happened to her is happening to a large number of young, otherwise healthy people. It's no surprise that there were no statistics in the article to back up that narrative.

      I think she makes good points about how broken our healthcare system is and it was interesting to read her personal account, but I think that using it as an opportunity to spread fear should be discouraged.

    • Florian4 years ago

      This was a bit weird to read after having just read an article that said how actually only about 100 people without preconditions died from the virus in NYC. I get that the author has been very unlucky and still struggles with the damage the virus dis to her but there are many people with different experiences. Articles like this one amplify the fear and hysteria.

    • jamie4 years ago

      Wow! It ain’t over til it’s over… And it ain’t over!