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    • thorgalle
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      2 months ago

      All major consumer OSs have evolved considerably, and gained an increasing level of feature parity!

      I started computing young with Windows, used desktop Linux for years as a student, and switched to macOS when I started working.

      I still interact with Linux very regularly as a hobby and at work, which makes me appreciate Apple’s software & hardware even more for its stability, dependability and polish (the switch to arm64 has been a little painful though). I haven’t tried out WSL, but I’ve read it’s not without caveats.

      Still, we can appreciate the progress everywhere. Being able to do web development with Unix-style tools (and maybe Docker) on all OSs is great. Wine/Proton is making an enormous amount of Windows-targeted games work on Linux too. The Steam Deck could be called a super successful mainstream Linux Desktop product, maybe more explicitly so than Android.