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    • thorgalle
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      4 months ago

      Your WordPress blog can now become a profile for the fediverse. This means your readers can follow you and receive all the latest posts from your blog directly on their preferred platform. More so, they can engage in enriching conversations by replying to your posts, with their replies reflecting as comments on your blog post, creating a synchronized and interactive experience.

      This isn’t new - what’s new is that is was enabled for users. But it is cool. I tried to find an example, and found Ed Everett’s WP blog as presented by because his appeared first in my Mastodon search results. It seems like this plugin:

      1. attempts to transfer the entire content of a blog post to a ActivityPub post
      2. includes the article cover image, and any inline images, as attachments of the ActivityPub post
      3. adds a link to the original WP post at the end

      This might scramble your intentions as a writer, because your inline images can be required to understand the text. But ActivityPub likely doesn’t support inline images (not sure). I wonder if there is a plugin setting for how to handle posts: could you set it to only post excerpts?

      The beauty and challenge of a protocol as open as ActivityPub is that the clients will vary greatly too, just like with RSS readers. The reading experience might not be good. In the example link above, his posts are clipped to a maximum length with “Read more” buttons to see the whole post. But when opening the same profile in my iOS Mastodon app (a different client), the content is immediately fully shown. I would personally like to avoid that when scrolling a feed).

      Regarding Readup…

      This development makes me consider again how Readup could “enter the fediverse”. I think that would be valuable too, and I see three separate opportunities or stages:

      1. A one-way cross-posting integration connected to your preferred Mastodon account, using Mastodon’s API. This could work similarly to the current Twitter/X integration, but wouldn’t have the same content size restrictions (depending on the instance…)
      2. as an ActivityPub server. For example, would be followable in Mastodon, or on any other ActivityPub platform that enables following others. Where this gets interesting is comments:
        1. comments by other Readup users on Readup posts could be syndicated to other platforms as well…
        2. … but if someone comments on another platform, should that be shown in Readup? I’d venture, not by default, since it would violate Readup’s “comment only after reading” concept.
      3. Readup as an ActivityPub client: this is even more complicated, but very powerful. Recently, I’ve been reading many articles here that I found because they were shared on Mastodon (including this one). What if I could read these in Readup, and reply to the original Mastodon post that shared it using Readup? It would make Readup not just a client for reading and sharing/posting, but also a client for commenting.

      I think all of the above are fun, and could each in turn expose the Readup platform to a wider audience.