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    • bill
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      4 years ago

      On the importance of silence:

      But silence is also a balm; even the briefest retreat from the gnawing din of humanity can be spiritually and physiologically curative.


      Much of modern wellness is concerned with escaping one’s self, but, at the same time, the self—as brand, as business—has become increasingly monetized. Every day, we are told to both cultivate and erase ourselves.

    • Alexa4 years ago

      I'm starting to think the pendulum is swinging and a craving for slowing down & silence is spreading outside of just niche groups.

      The performances shared here are compelling for anyone butting heads with a very noisy world.

      John Cage's piece 4'33 is popping up everywhere for me these days too (Jenny O'Dell's book How To Do Nothing, the book The Mushrooms at The End of The World and now this). Perhaps it's a symptom of our times...or maybe just an artifact of the topics I am into...but I am fascinated, and hopeful, for a swing back to more mindful, quieter moments.