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    • DellwoodBarker
      2 years ago

      Outstanding read about a super-talented artist! Have had the unexpected pleasure of meeting her in an empty antique store in El Prado, NM about two years ago and I can happily report she is kind and down-to-earth.

      Really intriguing artist profile and this solo album is Legit!

      “Brittany is an alien,” Tyler, the Creator, told me later. “Everything about her—from her music to her background to her energy in person—it’s so unique. She’s paving concrete for so many people, and I’m not sure she’s even aware of it.” He’s especially enamored of “Baby,” a spare, stretchy song about betrayal. “It makes my chest hurt it’s so good,” he said. Howard was in black pants, a black shirt, gold earrings, eyeglasses, and a long gold jacket. For her encore, she returned to the stage with just her drummer and keyboardist to play “Run to Me,” the final song on “Jaime.” “I wrote this for myself,” she said. “To say, ‘Hey, you got it.’ ”