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    • KapteinB
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      3 weeks ago

      Daily reminder not to vote for a fascist.

      If you truly value liberal, international, progressive values, it is essential to be clear-sighted about quite how much is at stake this year; to hug the cactus of reality, so to speak.

      I think this kind of talk hurts our case. If a Republican was to read this, they may agree with all they read, until they get to that line. Then they'll think that no, I don't value liberal, international, progressive values; maybe I should vote for Trump anyway! But if you truly value conservative, traditional values, then you especially shouldn't vote for Trump! He has shown us again and again how he's not a Christian, has never even touched a bible (until that time he held one upside down at a photo shoot), and how he doesn't care one bit about the constitution.