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    • bartadamley
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      3 years ago

      Bret Victor is slowly taking over as my hero in terms of a researcher is advancing work in the realm of intelligence augmentation. His work is reminiscent along the likes of Alan Kay, Ted Nelson, Doug Engelbart, and Licklider.

      Learning programming is about learning problem solving while exploring the special kind of creativity that computers and software afford. Programming is where information becomes a living thing capable of movement, flowing through systems and adapting itself to various processes and models. It allows information to dance.

      What a unique insight on what learning programming does for ones mind. This further probes my present desire to learn programming. I am thinking either Clojure or Javascript to enrich my problem solving abilities.

      Dynamicland is the only place you can go to work on Realtalk projects. I can’t work on projects alone at home. There’s no GitHub for Realtalk. My time at Dynamicland feels precious, and that preciousness seems to elevate my creativity. Maybe this is what it felt like to have to schedule a block of time at a university computer before the PC era.

      Having a fixed place to take care of research, is a challenge as well as vital way of using a particular tool for our minds. I think so many of us struggle now, as our work lives are now vastly intertwined with our personal lives. That physical separation can make our work lives, as well as our personal lives feel much more sacred. And yet, maybe this is part of the beauty of the time in which we live?