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    • justinzealand1 year ago

      A biased but informative and concise report on the upsides to consider open sourcing opportunities.

    • thorgalle
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      1 year ago

      Great arguments! I am on board with most of this, except maybe the part about Elastic Search and MongoDB, where Google and Amazon are stealing their lunch. It sounds weird coming from the Supabase cofounder, a scale-up pitching itself as the open-source Firebase alternative. Supabase is trying to steal Google’s lunch, not the other way around.

      The argument of out-shipping and out-iterating competitors also only works when you can scale a team quickly enough to rival big tech’s software resources. Hence requiring serious a initial investment.

      PS: sorry for the Readup parser mess on top, here’s a direct link for reading the first paragraphs. This will be a good article to debug the parser!