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    • Pegeen
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      2 months ago

      Wow, I had no idea about the meaning behind The Giving Tree. I have to look this one up. But being more like trees is a capital idea. I’m all for cooperation and living according to the Natural Laws of Nature. Which are also interpreted as the Spiritual Laws.

      • TripleG
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        2 months ago

        We love all our trees, but defiling the earth and slaughtering each other is unlikely to stop any time soon.

        • groufa2 months ago

          Actually, I think it almost certainly will stop and soon. Humans have defiled the earth to the point it has exceeded its capacity (on several metrics) to maintain a stable habitable environment (on human timescales) while at the same time we have created exponentially more powerful technologies with lethal potential. The combination will either kill off most humans (most likely consequence) or we find a way to stop defiling and live more cooperatively. Either way, it will stop soon. While the past is prelude, historical precedent can be meaningless in the face of unprecedented novel conditions.

    • bill
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      2 months ago