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    • [user]1 year ago

      This comment was deleted on 9/17/2021

    • Florian1 year ago

      It’s as if these churches and organisations want to spread guilt and shame. Of course these people feel the need to act out with all that guilt and shame inside of them.

    • Pegeen
      Top reader this weekScoutScribe
      1 year ago

      Highly recommend this article. Extremely insightful and disturbing.

    • turtlebubble
      1 year ago

      I heard Kelsy speak on a recent episode of the Savage Lovecast podcast and was really struck by her perspective. I was more effected by the interview than by reading this piece now so I highly suggest listening if you can. The take away I got was that the Christian narrative that sexual desire outside of heteromonogamy is evil and depraved and NOT the fault of those who feel the desire but instead the fault of those who TEMPT the proclivity, leads directly to demonization and violence against people living openly with non traditional lifestyles. Part of his church’s statement was this:

      "No blame can be placed upon the victims. He alone is responsible for his evil actions and desires. The women that he solicited for sexual acts are not responsible for his perverse sexual desires nor do they bear any blame in these murders," the statement said. "These actions are the result of a sinful heart and depraved mind for which Aaron is completely responsible."

      The fact that they doubled down on the idea that his DESIRES were evil proves to me that their rhetoric had to be a contributing factor to his actions.