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    • bartadamley1 year ago

      Very interesting to come across this idea of Intellectual Legitimacy… especially considering that I wrote about “Crafted Legitimacy” this week in my newsletter. Here’s the definition for intellectual legitimacy.

      An idea has intellectual legitimacy insofar as it is recognized by society as respectable and reasonable.

      Whereas in my newsletter I defined “Crafted Legitimacy” as…

      Crafted Legitimacy is building up credibility by putting in the work and striving to make the uncomfortable comfortable.

      It leaves me curious as to what is the interplay between these two types of legitimacy. Is it that one has to craft their legitimacy on their own to than gain the “intellectual legitimacy”?

      Is there an adequate way of measuring the intellectual legitimacy of an idea or person as the internet presently stands?

      Tons of interesting questions from this piece. Here’s a link to my writing from this week :)