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    • jeff
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      1 year ago

      This was published back in early 2013 in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shooting and I think it's a very worthwhile read. I strongly agree with Harris's point of view. I want to live in a place where responsible adults are allowed to do dangerous things like buy alcohol, drive cars, fly planes, build swimming pools, take drugs, and own guns (maybe not all at once!). So while I'm strongly opposed to bans, I do support much more stringent regulation in the forms of licensing, registration, (re-)certification, training, increased liability, and the like.

      • Karenz1 year ago

        This is a very well thought out article. I’m more on the “ban assault weapons” side, but this author obviously knows what he’s talking about in regard to guns and the issues at hand and has made me stop and think. I heard a trauma doctor talking on CNN describe the kind of damage a weapon used in Uvalde does to a child’s body which makes them more lethal. However, I truly believe that if an armed police guard were at the elementary school in Uvalde, he or she would’ve had plenty of time to engage the shooter while he was driving his truck into a ditch or shooting at people outside the school. The security guard at that grocery store in Buffalo would’ve stopped that shooter except he had on body armor. Maybe it’s a good idea to keep that away from civilians too. Such a complicated issue but I really appreciate someone like this author who’s familiar with guns thinking and talking about the matter rationally.