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    • thorgalle
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      1 year ago

      Relevant current internet event!

      I'm still developing my thoughts on this, but it's interesting to compare this to OpenAI's approach. Their API has always been paid (as far as I know, didn't look it up!).

      Entities integrating the API are complying with this. Quoting from a recent Readwise update:

      During internal testing, we immediately found these summaries to be so useful that we knew others, like us, would want them automatically generated for everything. Unfortunately, the quick napkin math suggested that the projected token costs would put us out of business. We expect this to change over time, but until then, we've added a bring-your-own-API-key option.

      Another app I use, Raycast, recently released a "Pro" tier. That one explicitly states: "We don't have an option to BYOK (Bring Your Own Key) for OpenAI." - but I assume the OpenAI costs are factored in into their $8/mo subscription plan.

      With all the OpenAI hype in the last year, I've never seen someone complain about their API being paid. Then again - OpenAI is not a community platform, and probably they don't make for a good comparison.

      I think this Reddit move is, after Twitter, just the next big social platform doubling down on monetization & profitability at all costs. Especially if Apollo was providing an ad-free interface to Reddit (i.e: directly interfering with their revenue).