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    • thorgalle
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      1 year ago

      I’ve worked as a Flutter developer for several months now, and I’m impressed with the iOS/Android offering. It has a performance edge over web-based technologies (like React Native, and Ionic especially), but also has great tooling and convincing OS integrations.

      I see massive potential for Flutter in the desktop market. Electron has shown that devs want to share code between platforms (Slack, VSCode, …), but these apps always feel bulky and relatively slow because they all contain a web browser. Flutter can remove the web layer and get closer to raw system code while keeping the code-sharing.

      But mind you, I’ve found Flutter on web pretty slow and unintuitive: there they have to add an extra layer on top of the web. It also doesn’t feel right.

      Today we’re announcing the graduation of Flutter/Firebase integration to a fully-supported core part of the Firebase offering. We’re moving the source code and documentation into the main Firebase repo and site, and you can count on us evolving Firebase support for Flutter in lockstep with Android and iOS.

      Good! This FlutterFire / Firebase situation was… very messy.