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    • normanbae2 years ago

      Disturbing but important read.

    • Alexa
      2 years ago

      This is INCREDIBLE.

      WOW. I learned a lot of the backstory behind plastic becoming such a major player (lobbyists per usual, ugh). It's really reminiscent of Big Tobacco back in the day...shady behind doors convos and putting a bandaid over things people know are bad just to get a short term solution. whoa nelly, what a good article.

      They weren't thinking what lesson should we learn for the next 20 years. No. Solve today's problem.

      Isn't that the motto for a current age

    • Pegeen
      Top reader this weekScoutScribe
      2 years ago

      Shocking, a must read. This is a one, two punch at a time when we already feel weak in the knees.

      • Karenz
        Top reader this weekScribe
        2 years ago

        I had no idea and I’ve been dutifully recycling just to have my plastics buried somewhere else. Is there no end to corporate greed. When the planet’s totally trashed, are these executives and their families going to live in a bubble in space? They don’t seem to even care about their own kids’ future. I truly don’t get it! Can we stand any more bad news about our planet?

    • Florian2 years ago

      Oh man. This is so depressing. I’m generally not a fan of government intervention but here it seems like we need it.

    • turtlebubble
      Top reader this weekScoutScribe
      2 years ago