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    • Pegeen
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      4 years ago

      I first came to Cage’s 4’33” from an article on Readup, posted by Alexa, called A Dangerous and Evil Piano Piece, which was written by Satie. In Alexa’s response to my comment, she mentioned Cage’s piece, which sent me to Google and to my experience with 4’33”. I was in my kitchen cooking and the washer and dryer were making all kinds of noise. Frustrated, thinking they were drowning out the performance, I carried my iPad into another room away from the distractions. And what a delightful surprise! I happen to be of the camp that thinks it’s art - an original idea never before imagined. This past year I happened to see a NY art opening on the news that had a banana skin attached to a wall as a piece of art! So it’s a very subjective field and so much fun to explore. Thanks Alexa!

      • Alexa4 years ago

        Glad you liked it! I have been totally down a rabbit hole on this piece sine I first heard about it. Such an interesting way to encourage people to really listen. Amusing too to have the cooking & washer dryer giving you your own symphonic experience of 4'33", how fitting!

        • Karenz
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          3 months ago

          This “musical piece” is one likely example of why Trump is a cult figure to so many folks whom Hilary Clinton called The Deplorables.