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    • thorgalle
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      11 months ago

      I can't help reading up on this drama, it really is a curiosity-sparking event.

      1. Update (6/23/2023):

        Then again, this position in a Mastodon toot, referring to the recent Greek refugee boat disaster, also hits home:

        If you're concerned about the billionaires but can't have the slightest amount of compassion for refugees drowning at sea, you're the problem.

        I'm looking at every nation, media outlet, and yes, Billionaire, that gives this amount of coverage, money, and international resources to this rescue operation but contribute to the opposite to migrants fleeing oppression and violence.

        Hundreds of refugees drowning is more concerning than the submarine fiasco. It is crazy though how much the "rarity" of the latter captivates my attention more. Who were the people in this sub? Is OceanGate to blame? Were the risks understood? All these questions lead to article clicks. Refugee disasters have systemic causes, mostly an anonymous death/missing count, and a highly politicized backdrop involving migration. I might be the problem for finding that less captivating.

      • jeff11 months ago

        That Mastodon post is unhinged. It's in our nature to be attracted to novelty. You might as well shame people for breathing while any given tragedy is taking place somewhere in the world. It's textbook virtue signaling in my opinion. Five people going missing on a journey to the bottom of the ocean to visit the most famous shipwreck in history in a highly experimental one of a kind submersible is objectively interesting.