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    • SEnkey2 years ago

      I'm a close follower of Dr. Emily Nagoski and Dr. Finlayson-Fife. Both spend a lot of time talking about how normal everyone's body is and how important context is to sexual health.

      • Karenz2 years ago

        I really congratulate this woman for her courage and determination. I had a client who was a childhood incest victim and had a terrible time with sex. She went to an out of town sex therapist, like this woman, wanting to try anything but she just couldn’t do it. I could hardly read about this so I know I couldn’t do it. Then to write about it—wow!! And her mate does sound like an exceptional guy. I’m really happy for both of them.

        • SEnkey2 years ago

          I hope her willingness to share makes it easier for others to get the support they need.

    • Pegeen
      Top reader this weekReading streakScoutScribe
      2 years ago

      We have a physical therapist in our town that is famous as a pelvic floor specialist. She is the only one and her office is packed with women who have various types of trauma like the author of this story. Because of her success, physical therapy is now offering specialty in pelvic disorders because of the demand. She also treats men with Peyronie’s Disease.

      • SEnkey2 years ago

        Interesting. And if it is in such demand where you are, it is probably it great demand everywhere.