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    • skydance11 months ago

      It's a lot, but important issues on how people -- especially children -- are caught in the pervasive pull of the online/social media world.

      A few of the lines that resonated: don’t need to have actual human conversations, anymore - you can just let ChatGPT talk for you, farming out the most basic and essential of human endeavors to a batch of code that has no consciousness, morals, or accountability. ... I’m mad about something that’s being done to [children]. For profit. For profit. For profit. For profit. … And that’s by design; corporations spend billions of dollars developing these apps to be as addictive as possible. That’s the core of their business plan! Giant teams of engineers educated at Stanford and CalTech while away the hours to make the urge to keep on scrolling that much harder to fight. ... All they’re meant to do is help you pass the seconds that make up your life, a finite and precious resource.

      • bill
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        10 months ago

        Thanks for sharing!

        Dark stuff, quite pessimistic, but a well-written, coherent argument and, I think, overall quite true. Modern technology (and modern culture) gives people the green light (meaning: permission, tools, social acceptance) to totally check out.