1. You must read the article before you can comment on it.
    • chronotope1 year ago

      distrust is now “society’s default emotion”

      • Karenz1 year ago

        Excellent, if unnerving, article. The upheaval described IS happening to so many ordinary people on ever level. For so long, daily life was to the background of a pandemic; now it’s war. And how disillusioning that our “super power” country is letting a brave democracy be bombed into oblivion. At least Ukraine let’s us see people who believe democracy is worth dying for. And a leader who is a real leader and willing to risk his life too.

    • Plum1 year ago

      This is an amazing article. Trust is the first thing we as infants establish for our humanity and survival. We took it for granted and events destroyed it. How to regain real trust, not false trust? I don’t know.