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    • bill
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      2 years ago


    • jeff2 years ago

      Wow. I found this in the New queue with 2 reads and 0 posts. A seriously amazing read! My eyes were welling up towards the end.

      • Karenz2 years ago

        This was a fascinating glimpse into a world I’m not really familiar with. I found this writer’s honesty and spirit of adventure refreshing. That her mind was blown outside her usual comfort zone came through with such zest and amazement. What a great marketing idea for cruise lines. Love how Readup can take me into experiences Id never normally have.

    • thorgalle
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      2 years ago

      I read this over the weekend. It’s a highly personal review of a “traditional” lesbian cruise experience, related to many other topics in lesbianism, gender identity and history. There are especially many thoughts and perspectives on lesbianism and transgender inclusion therein.

      It was definitely interesting to dive into a world I’m not at all familiar with, but I’m surprised that this was essentially a commissioned review! More than that, it’s cultural criticism, and the writer reveals so much of her personal life, her past and present struggles and experiences in full sexual & introspective detail that it’s maybe the weirdest “review” I’ve ever read.

      • jeff2 years ago

        ...maybe the weirdest “review” I’ve ever read.

        It is quite wild considering how bog standard the format typically is. I wonder if Olivia knew what they might be getting into based off of the author's previous pieces or conversations they had beforehand. Either way, I think they must have gotten way more than they bargained for in the best way possible!

    • DellwoodBarker2 years ago

      Incredible with a wham-bam, thank ya, queer ❤️‍🩹🌸💕 finale.

      This really resonates with me now at 42 More Than Ever before:

      I was captivated by what Eileen Myles told me at the time: “I know how to fight for what I want, to say no, when to wait. I’ve been in time for 65 years. I have a lot to share. That supposedly should only be in my teaching life — that’s not the case. It’s amazing on both sides to be able to share the world from different angles. It’s lively. It’s hot.”


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    • Plum
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      2 years ago

      Couldn’t stop reading. It gave me a deeper understanding of how younger people are living out gender roles.

      • Pegeen
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        2 years ago

        Yes! Such a great comment. I felt that too and was grateful for that experience.

    • Pegeen
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      2 years ago

      I loved this entire experience. I could feel all the emotions, the complexities, the free fall into an unexpected relationship. It’s both magic and tragic.