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    • bill
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      6 months ago

      Wow. I forgot how much I love looking inside Ava’s brain.

    • chrissetiana
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      2 years ago

      People want to own things. People, as far as I can tell, want to own people. I’m all for the idea of non-possessiveness, but every single person I’ve ever met—when they’re really and truly in love—wants to keep the person they love within arm’s reach. They want to know that the person is dependable, that their affections are safe. There are people who’ll claim they don’t feel this way, of course, that their partner can do whatever they want, but I find that usually occurs when 1) they’re not that invested in the relationship or 2) on a subconscious level they know their partner is so devoted to them they have nothing to fear, or 3) they have to share their partner to keep them.