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    • deephdave
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      4 years ago

      Instead, they would seek diversity. They would build a team of people who bring diverse knowledge bases, tools and analytic skills.

      When building a forest, you do not select the best trees as they tend to make similar classifications. You want diversity. Programmers achieve that diversity by training each tree on different data, a technique known as bagging. They also boost the forest ‘cognitively’ by training trees on the hardest cases – those that the current forest gets wrong. This ensures even more diversity and accurate forests.

      • SEnkey4 years ago

        I've seen this more times than I can remember. Diversity is valuable because it reduces blindness. I worked for an all white, male, school board. They weren't bad guys, but they were blind to the issues occurring in the heavy Latino and Navajo areas of our district - adding just one board member from that area and those communities changed everything. Just as true for political opinions, if you can't think of why someone would vote for x candidate, especially if that candidate garners broad support - 10% or more, you may want to diversify.

    • vunderkind4 years ago

      "We must see the forest."