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    • kellyalysia
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      2 years ago


      • bill
        Top reader of all timeScribe
        2 years ago

        Damn. “Yikes” is right. I feel like the darkness beat the humor here.

        • Karenz
          2 years ago

          If this makes you cringe, don’t ever get married. This is the kind of gallows humor you need to survive any long term marriage—especially marriage with children! You read thru the lines and YES the guy drives her crazy and YES, periodically she remembers she loves him.

      • Alexa2 years ago

        I couldn’t come up with anything beyond yikes either. Pretty cringe

    • chrissetiana
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      2 years ago

      When you treat them like they’re doing it wrong, it only gets worse.

      1. Update (1/5/2022):

        Sigh. This piece is really giving off sad, tired and bitter vibes. So much… hate.

    • DellwoodBarker2 years ago

      This is bitingly honest. Funny and real. The author is self-aware of what works and what doesn’t… though this read doesn’t sell me on my current state of decidedly not likely to get married (which means I will probably end up married. Lol)