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    The New York Times CompanyJEREMY W. PETERS8/13/2210 min
    8 reads4 comments
    The New York Times Company
    8 reads
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    • jeff
      Top reader this weekTop reader of all timeScoutScribe
      3 months ago

      This will be a super interesting case to watch. I'm a big fan of the First Amendment but it seems conceivable that Fox News might have crossed the line with this one.

      • Karenz
        Top reader this weekScribe
        3 months ago

        I’m delighted to learn about this case and hope it can be brought to trial not that anything reasonable is going to dissuade Trump’s base.

    • jamie3 months ago

      Good stuff….Fox News is the only news many people I know watch. They should be aware that much of what is aired is not news but a political agenda disguised as news.

    • Pegeen
      Top reader this weekScoutScribe
      3 months ago

      Indeed, VERY interesting!